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Can I call you just to chat about fishing and what to expect?.. Yes we encourage you to call 781-545-6516 twenty-four/seven advice is free we want to make your trip the best it can be for you.

When is your fishing Season? When are you Open?... We fish from May 1st to November 1st. We answer the phone year round for information or reservations.

Do you Guarantee Fish?....There is never a 100 percent chance of catching fish but we can Guarantee catching fish on our 10 hr Deep Sea "Combo" trips if you allow the captain to fish for the multiple species they may suggest.. If you put in the time and you do not catch any fish you will get "another" full day trip for the 6hr 1/2 day price. We want to catch fish as bad as you do! Our success rate is over 90% on all of our combo trips so its unlikely you even need to read this... Our primary goal is to catch the species you want to catch, But Mother Nature does not always go our way. So you will have to be flexible and go with the captains suggestions. If "you" chose to spend your whole day on one species of trophy fish we can Not Guarantee this.
Refunds for unsafe weather or poor fishing conditions are at "The Captains Discretion". To avoid confusion.. Please ask us about our policies when you book or when you board the boat.

How much is the Gratuity to the 1st Mate?...The 1st Mate is required for the safety of Passengers. Our mates are skilled professionals and earn most of their living from gratuity. This is Standard Industry Practice like your favorite restaurant server. The Mate helps to make sure you are safe and informed and are capable of handling emergency situations. They will help you with your tackle and bait. They will prepare your catch for eating and shipping home. Industry standard gratuity is 20% of the cost of your trip Not Included. If you are not satisfied with the service and efforts of the 1st Mate Please let the Captain know before paying your gratuity we whant to know if our service is not up to expectations.

What size are the tuna you catch?.. The average school Bluefin tuna is around 100 to 200 pounds The average Giant Bluefin tuna average around 400 pounds but we have caught fish as big as 1000 pounds.

What species of fish are available?.. We catch Tuna, Shark, Cod, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Haddock, Pollock, Flounder, Halibut, Mackerel, Fluke, just to mention a few. Call 781-545-6516 to find out what is running now.

Can I combine different species of fish on my trip?..Yes if you book a full day combination trip. Our specials are for one species only. see our prices.

How many fish can we keep?... The regulations change frequently so you will need to call 781-545-6516 for up to date details. Your average groundfish trip will yield over 50 fish but certain species are unlimited and a count of 100 fish is not unusual. Tunas are regulated very strictly but you are allowed to keep at least one and at certain times and for certain size fish you could keep up to 3. Sharks you may keep one shark over 6 feet per day Except White Shark are protected. Bass fishing is 1 per person per day. The mate and Captain count on per person bag limits. We never run out of fish to catch when you fill one bag limit we can fish for something else.

How many people can we take on your boats?.... All of our boats can take up to 6 persons. Coast Guard regulations.

Is my deposit refundable?... Yes deposits are refundable up to 2 weeks prior to your trip or if your trip is canceled because of bad weather ( weather cancellations are the captains discretion).

What payment methods can I use.... We accept all major credit and debit cards, cash, and we accept checks if they are received at least one week before your trip.

Does it take long to get out to the fishing?... Most offshore trips take about 45 minutes to get to the fishing grounds. Although we go to where the fish are so on rare occasions it may take as much as 2 hours. Or it could take as little as 10 minutes, fish swim so it is always different.

How many hours do we fish for?... That depends on the type of trip you booked for example an 11 hour trip your average fishing time is about 9 hours depending on how long it takes to get out to the fishing grounds.

How many fishing rods do we use?...That depends on what type of fish and what methods we are using. for example bottom fishing, everyone has a fishing rod and is fishing at the same time. shark and tuna live bait fishing we use up to three rods and the customers rotate. Trolling we use up to 8 rods and as few as 2 depending on what type of fish and the type of trolling we are doing.

When should we arrive at the boat?... Please arrive 1/2 hour before your scheduled departure time.

Can I chose the boat I want to fish on?...Yes but this must be done in advance when you book the trip. descriptions of our boats are on the website.

Can we drink or smoke pot on the boats?.... Drinking in moderation is allowed. smoking pot or possessing any federal illegal substance is prohibited and could be grounds for the boat to return home with no refund what so ever. Drunk and Disorderly is not tolerated and is also grounds for an early return home with no refund.

When do I pay for the trip?... You must be paid in full before the boat leaves the dock.

What if someone in our party does not show up do we get a discount.?... No you are paying for the boat you can take as many as 6 and as few as 1 there is no difference in the price. If you are by yourself and cannot afford the boat we offer shared or mixed party trips every Thursday.

When is my deposit required?.... When you book the trip.

Do you offer any discount programs?... Yes we offer programs for cooperate bulk or multiple boat trips. We also offer a $25 per person discount for active Military and Law enforcement personnel. You must call 781-545-6516 to get a quote for discount programs.

Can I bring my children out fishing?.. Yes but it is not recommended to bring children under 10 on offshore trips or mixed party trips. But we have special kids trips tailored for the younger children. We have had children as young as 10 go offshore but we recomend you book the boat for a family trip. this way if the youngsters are sea sick we can return home without interfearing with people who are paying a share of the trip.

Can I have a mount made of a trophy fish?... Yes we can recommend a taxidermist to make a mount for you. But all of the expenses are your responsibility including shipping.

Can I have my fish shipped Back home?...Yes we can have your fish packaged and shipped to your address. All of the expenses are your responsibility including packaging and shipping.

Can I have my trip filmed for me?... Yes we have our own film and editing crew, MBG productions can film and edit a great video for you. This is an extra expense and the cost depends on how involved you want the editing to be.  A downloadable video edited to 10 minutes is $350.

Do you take handicapped people on your boats?.. Yes but please call 781-545-6516 to explain your situation so we can prepare the best boat for the conditions and service you may need.

What should I bring on the trip?.. Bring your food and drink in coolers with ice. Bring clothing to suit the weather conditions always bring some extra warm clothing ( sweat shirts and jackets) also it can get chilly even on warm days. do not wear your favorite clothing you will get fish slime and wet feet when the fishing is good. Bring an extra cooler to leave in your car so you have room for all the tasty meat you will bring home. Bring 1 gallon freezer bags and extra ice (also available at the dock when you get back) for your fillets. You may wish to bring your favorite fishing tackle but we supply top notch equipment.

Do I need my own life jacket?.. No we have the most up to date safety equipment aboard the boats.

Can I make money tuna fishing?... Yes we offer a 20% split between the charter and the crew and the boat. You get 1/5 of the value of any Giant Bluefin tuna over 73". This value can be anywhere from $200 to $2000 depending on the quality and size of the fish.

Can I sell the fish I catch?... NO.! The federal and State laws do not allow the sale of fish from charter boats. With the exception of Giant Tuna.

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