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Stellwagen Bank Whale Watching and other Sea Creatures

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Whales, Seals and Dolphins are very curious and come close to investigate. Our Motto: "Let the animals come to you and they will"

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Stellwagen Bank has depths ranging from 65 to 300 feet, and the 842 square miles of rich waters provide essential habitat for an unbelievably wide array of marine creatures: invertebrates from assorted sponges and corals to starfish and squid, ground fish from the yellowtail flounder to the fearsome wolf fish, and even the prized lobster and sea scallop. Schools of blue fin tuna and marauding blue sharkscruise the middle depths in search of plentiful bait fish while 30-foot basking sharks and huge prehistoric ocean sunfish move harmlessly with the surface currents. Even the increasingly rare loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles can be encountered very close to shore on occasion.


Stellwagen Bank, is most well known for its 19 species of marine mammals. Many of the visitors come to see the seals, dolphins, porpoises and of course, the great whales. Whale watch tours from spring through fall regularly introduce viewers to, among others, Atlantic white-sided dolphins and finback and humpback whales, who are renowned for their exciting breaches through flocks of seabirds.The luckiest people might even come across the slow-moving, critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, a species with fewer than 300 individuals surviving in the world today, or the Great finback The second largest animal on earth.

Stellwagen is also home to historic shipwrecks such as the just discovered steamship "Portland." Undoubtedly, Stellwagen Bank is a national treasure that must be protected so that future generations might enjoy this fertile water as much as we have. Mass Bay Guides supports the preservation of our nations fisheries. The sport fishing industry has been the biggest advocate of saving our fishery and a huge contribution to scientific research. We strive to practice exceptional environmental preservation work habits. And Support many organizations dedicated to the preservation of fishing.

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