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Advertising on, or Sponsoring Mass Bay Guides is easy. You just need to be an honest reputable business who works hard to create a product or service in the fishing industry.

We enjoy testing equipment and evaluating services of companies who would like us to endorse thier products and service. When we like what we see we plaster your Logo's on our boats and in our pictures and social media sites. We will even use your products in our videos and demonstrations. When you help us out we return the favor.

We have a great track record with the local and nationwide companies we endorse and are sponsord by. Companies like:

Pure Fishing Products
Penn Reels
Berkley line and Accessories
Shakespear Rods
LT Marine Products
Deep Apparel
Reel Easy Custom Rods
Winthrop Tackle

Dekit Boat Flooring
Fish Monkey Gloves
Yeti Coolers
Black Oak led
SeaBros Fishing
Belsan Bait
Grey Taxadermy
South Shore Dry Dock

Feel free to contact any one of these companies and they will tell you how we have helped promote their business. Squid BarsYou can see how we place their links on every page and have banners and advertisement all over our website.

We offer our own video editing services to create promotional videos of us fishing or using your products. We also invite you to come fishing on our boats to video yourselves with your products or to create any fishing shows you may sponsor already.

We have even created full DVD videos for promotions featuring products from our sponsors. see an example on our movies page. We also like to trade services for Charter Companies in other parts of the world we like to travel for fishing and have sent many of our customers to companies that we charter during the off season.Canada tuna Cup



Team Mass Bay Guides



If you would like to be part of Team Mass Bay Guides
Give us a call at 781-545-6516 anytime 24/7 we can explain what some of the other companies do to help us out in return for our endorsement and feedback. Email .

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