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We specialize in fishing trips catered to young children and teens. We love the opportunity to bring the next generation of fishermen out for their first Deep Sea Adventure. Take the kids on an adventure of inshore bottom fishing. Catch all kinds of bottom dwelling creatures, such as sharks averaging 3 to 5 feet long. Learn about lobster fishing and pull a few lobster pots. This is the perfect first time fishing trip for children of all ages. Childrens fishing adventures
Creatures from the deep sea Inshore Bottom Fishing for small sharks and other creatures. On-board Aquarium for the kids to discover the catch. Pull a Lobster Pot and bring home a Lobster.

For the real adventurous youngsters, take them on a full day Shark Fishing trip to Wildcat Knoll.

Teen catching tuna
  See Whales and Dolphin in their natural habitat.

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